The Date.

Last night on top of Mt Clarence, after dinner at Goshu Ya,
and in a brief respite from the flooding rains, I kissed a girl I had only just met.
I don't know if it was the ambience or the subtly erotic Japanese sauces, but she has agreed to see me again.


Samples pt 1

Richard and I had been together for about two months, mapping and sampling around Mt Dimer, which is a good slog as the crow flies north of Bullfinch. Big beautiful Irish Richard, with more brains and more letters after his name than anyone I have ever met.

He fed me the names of the rocks, while I gave him generous serves of native plant knowledge.
We were both hungry and willing to share. For every spoonful of banded iron formation, I was only too happy to serve an hor'dourve of Trachymene ornata. A main of pisolitic nodular laterite was greedily repayed with a dessert of Helichrysum splendidum.

As usual, the arrival of the drillers changed everything.

Munching on rather mundane cheese and salad sandwiches on the second day of the program, Richard asked Al the offsider if he knew what type of tree we were sitting under, (a rather splendid Euc. salmanophloia in fact). Al glanced at the tree, looked over at Richard and said with a sneer in his voice,
"it's a fucken gum tree Irish".