(15 Years in Long Sleeves #1)

Ramon was recently out of a Darwin prison farm when I moved into the house that smelled of rotting oranges in Perth St Cottesloe. He told me how he had pimped his girlfriend out on conjugal visits for favours and drugs. Well dressed cunt, somehow always looked good despite his mouthful of rotting teeth.

I was just 18 and legally allowed into the pubs I had been frequenting since 14. I'd split from my girlfriend and quit my job after an exceptional dose of acid had rewired my brain somewhat. Life was good and ripe for the fucking up of.

Rose knelt at the coffee table mixing up. She was fucken hot, a hot fucken whore just back from from a 14 job night.

"You want some of this shit then Spencer?" Ramon asked.

"Fuck yeah!!!" I shouted over the New York Dolls.

I hadn't tried hammer before, but I was fucken ready. Harmless eh? If not, it certainly hadn't hurt my record collection.

Later that night as Ramon nodded at the kitchen table, Rose gave me a head job on the couch.

Life was good and I felt like a man in control.