A Bookish Post

I have been a little slack with my postings lately, and with good reason too. The main problem is I felt that I had nothing to say, a case of blog block.
But I'm back! Yeah!?

Buying books online may seem cheap until you notice the postage charges which can be quite steep, especially from bookshops like Amazon and the like. With some of the charges you may as well go to your local bookshop instead, the cost is comparable.
Now, I just love books, especially new books. It may have something to do with the fact that books are one of the few things I can afford to buy new, along with food, sometimes.

What I find surprising is that in all the hours I have spent on the interweb I have never come across The Book Depository, who ship from their "Fulfilment Centre" in Gloucester, England.
What the fuck is a Fulfilment Centre?
Anyway, their books are cheap (the four books I picked out were under $50), and the postage is free!
I reckon it is worth a look. And they are always open.

The Book Depository