Firefox Ad Blocker

If you're using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox you really should think about changing to Firefox. It is easy to use, fast, is not a Microsoft product and has a multitude of add-ons and features to help make your browsing experience so much more pleasurable.

I run an Australian English spellchecker add-on, the first of it's type that I have seen. It's great, and not just because it recognises "colour" and "centre" as being spelled correctly, it's the alternative spellings offered that I really love. It didn't recognise "Fisherwoman", so offered up as alternatives "Fisherman" and the gloriously wicked "Washerwoman".

My latest add-on, and by far the best is Adblock Plus. This fantastic application blocks all adverts on all web pages. No more slow page loads due to the graphics intensive advertising that is everywhere these days. I've only had it installed for four days so I haven't really given it a workout yet, but the sites I regularly visit have been ad free. It's easy to install and easy to configure and has performed admirably. I would have to rank it as one of my best discoveries in a long time, almost on a par with the Navbar Remover I posted last week.

No ads on Facebook, Hotmail, news sites, IMDB, Blogger and a multitude of others. That's right, No Fucken Ads!!!

You can get it from here: Adblock Plus


Bob's Pages - Update

The transfer of Bob Howard's pages is almost complete. All that remains to be uploaded is the Daisy Bates Genealogy section. It will take me a little longer as there are many cross referenced links.

Please have a look and tell me if you find any broken links etc.

This really is a wonderful resource that Bob spent a lot of time on and is of great value to our community.

The Anzac Fleet Leaving Albany


Remove the Ugly Blogger Navbar

If you want to remove the ugly default Blogger navbar, (you know, that bar across the top of your page with the search field in it), try inserting this code:

#navbar {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

Just paste it into the head of your html, and no more boring old default navbar.

Note: This might be against the Blogger Terms of Service, but hey who gives a fuck about TOS?


Spencer Gets a Homepage

I've Started a web page on bytehost7.com. They are a free web server. I'm not sure how good they are yet, if anyone has heard of them or even if you know of a better free service please let me know.

My primary reason for the website is to mirror Bob Howard's site as I don't know how long Omninet will keep it up for. Bobs Omninet site can be found here.

Presently I have only copied over his homepage, but I have put up some nice fish pictures which were painted in Albany by Robert Neil in 1840.

You can see my website here. There isn't much happening in the way of design or content, but hey I only started compiling it half an hour ago :)

Sarah, I only have 20 fish pictures, do you have any more?