Making Stuff

I just built myself a bookcase. Well, I didn't just build it, I just finished it. The project was started about a month ago and had the sacred tomes ceremoniously placed upon the altar of it's shelves earlier this week.

It's a little bit dodgy, the ply I used was a couple of busted up cover sheets salvaged from the skip at work and hence all the shelves are slightly warped. The sides are actually straight, not bowed as my cheap digital camera seems to portray.
If anyone asks me where it's from I'll probably say garage sale.
But I like it. It's good to get those books out of the boxes they have mouldered in for the last four years, and it's good knowing that I built it myself.

My next project is a coffee table. Timber salvaged from work again - it's great working at a shop that sells wood. I started preparing the top today, the dimensions are the golden mean (1.618...) so if there are any problems with my carpentry skills at least it will look aesthetically pleasing.