Just Today in a Galaxy Far far Away From a Galaxy Far Far Away

I met this chap today half way between Albany and Denmark. He was a long way from his home in Perth, having spent the last month walking south, pushing his trolley, wearing his full Storm Trooper uniform and raising money for The Starlight Foundation. He intends to spend a few days in Albany before walking east towards the completion of his self funded journey to Sydney.

I was moved by his determination to raise money for this great charity that endeavours to make the wishes of terminally ill children come true. I emptied my pockets and came up with a meagre $7.40 to add to the $16000 he has already raised on his trek from Perth. I was so moved by his strength of purpose that I would have emptied my wallet for him, regardless of how much money it contained.

Unable to give anymore money I suggested he be my guest during his stay in Albany, offering him the use of my house and offering to feed him as he had been sleeping in his swag by the side of the road during his odyssey. There was no need as he has been welcomed by old family friends during this well earned r and r.
This is an incredibly inspirational young man, driven by a desire to do something for these terminally ill children, and making this incredibly difficult journey with an awesome sense of humour. I mean, for fucks sake, walking across Australia dressed as a Storm Trooper? That takes guts.

Before I left him 20 kms west of Albany I asked what gave him the power and strength to come up with such an amazingly original fund raising effort; had he lost a child to illness, a sibling or other relative, a friends child? It was none of these issues that drove him, it was a visit to The Starlight Foundation's rooms where he saw first hand the incredible work they do.

And Jacob's biggest desire for himself? He told me he really wanted to meet another inspirational person who by chance happens to be also visiting Albany tomorrow, non other than our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

I have just been buzzing since my random encounter with this great young man and I truly do wish him the very best in all his future endeavours.

This next picture proves that I didn't imagine meeting Jacob today.

The text of this article is a repost of a facebook upload I made today. Also, I apologize for the blue tinge of these pictures, I should open CS5 and do something about it, but I should also go to bed. Guess which of those choices I deemed to be most pressing.


sarah toa said...

Wicked Spencer! Just wonderful. No wonder you had a big grin when I saw you. That was nice ...
Tell him to head up Mt Clarence if he wants to meet the Queen.

Spencer Collins said...

Thanks Sarah, the cheesy grin was for you and Aussie as I was on my way to Denmark when I saw you. Did you get to meet the Queen? I missed out, I kept ringing up the Advertiser to see when she was coming, but they were as in the dark about her itinerary as me. Would have made my day if I got to meet her as I reckon she is uber cool (for a ranga).